"I am honoured to be part of your excellent book. I have the highest respect for your work."
Paul Garner, professor emeritus, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Frequently Asked Questions

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The programme helps us to understand how signals upstream in the brain and neural connections affect the body and the autonomic nervous system. It teaches you how to recognise the saboteurs that are negatively affecting the body and what to do instead, as well as teaching you brain retraining exercises and vagal exercises to rebalance the autonomic nervous system. This in turn allows the body to function normally again. You are shown how to create a more nurturing environment, which is essential for enabling the autonomic system to naturally adapt and function properly. The programme demonstrates how you can develop essential skills which enable you to have more robust responses to life, to live in the healthy vagal track, the one we need to be in to enable the body to rest, digest, repair and thrive. It is called Reset to Thrive because you are given the tools and information needed to reset the autonomic system that is currently running automatically and involuntarily in survival/ protective mode, pumping you up or shutting you down. According to a great deal of research, all the sensations of pain, fatigue, brain fog etc arise from the autonomic system functioning inappropriately, responding as if you need to be constantly on red alert or, as a last resort, completely immobilised as a failsafe device to conserve energy, using precious energy only for essential metabolisms and letting you just tick over, stationary but safe. The Reset to Thrive programme shows you how to get your body back into the way we are all meant to live our lives in; balanced, in the healthy vagal system that enables the body to function properly.

The programme offers 54 online videos, that you can access for a lifetime, which have been arranged into nine modules, to demonstrate the resources needed to rebalance the autonomic nervous system and restore well-being. 

The Reset to Thrive programme includes 54 worksheets, to complement the videos, for you to complete to check your understanding and consolidate the learning. When you join the Reset to Thrive programme, you will also access a number of free mini-courses on breathing, yoga, somatic exercises, the role of functional medicine, and the process of EMDR therapy to assist with trauma, with others being added regularly. 

You will also be able to access live meets/webinars with me, Jan, the creator of the programme, and with special guests, to further accelerate your learning and progress. These live interactive webinars will be monthly, on a pay-as-you-go basis for £10 each. 

You will have the opportunity to access 121 coaching with me or other coaches trained in fatigue and somatic, embodiment work and be able to access support from our functional medicine practitioner. As a participant on the Reset to Thrive programme you will be able to join yoga and breathing classes, to rebalance your system, with our highly trained teacher, Sophie Colyer. One-to-one coaching and actively engaging in vagal exercises through yoga and breathing classes can be an invaluable part of improving and getting better; these are at an additional cost and only available to anyone who is a participant in the programme.
You will be able to recognise what is happening for you and to feel more safe and secure, even though you have symptoms.  You will learn how to respond to the symptoms and how to improve your feeling of well-being, increase your activity or exertion and improve your ability to respond to situations. You can improve and become better at rebalancing your autonomic system, staying calm and robust even when there are challenges. The programme cannot guarantee improvements because it is very individualised for each person and progress depends on how much you can engage, practice and commit to using the resources that are recommended. However, we do have a range of coaches to support people further. If you have had trauma in your life, whether developmental in childhood or as a result of experiences since, or feel traumatised by the illness itself, we have a number of somatic embodiment practitioners who can very gently support you through the process of feeling safe in your body, allow you to notice improvements and resolve traumas that had affected the body. There are a number of success stories and testimonials on the website which you can refer to, and it is possible with the permission of other participants to speak to people about how the programmers help them.

No,  you can choose the pace that you want to go through this programme and it is yours to access forever, including the worksheets to consolidate learning. Many people want to take it very gently and slowly, as they have so much to process and it is better for them to progress in bite-size pieces, You can choose to watch one video and do one worksheet and then spend your time practising and becoming familiar with the material and the exercises until it feels easier and more natural. You may then choose to move onto the next part and do it in a similar way. 

There are some people who much prefer a more intensive fast track, where there is a very concentrated focus on using and practising the resources, so that unhealthy habits do not have time kicking in and they can really focus on practising healthy habits. These people can take themselves through the videos at a pace that is right for them, do the worksheets and really consolidate changes, using powerful, healthy tools and resources.

There will also be a fast track live training course, delivered by me, Jan, the creator of the programme, and the author of “Breaking Free: a Guide to Recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Long Covid Symptoms”,where a small group of people will be taken through the whole training programme in 15 hours to 20 hours, and with individualised coaching, in online regular interactive sessions. This will be dependent on a discussion within a private consultation, agreeing that they feel completely ready and in the right place to make the changes using a fast track live training programme.

Yes, absolutely; there are many people on the programme that have been running unhealthy sensations for a long time, and the important factor is not so much the length of time rather than how much people may have established unhealthy patterns, including limiting beliefs, thoughts, fear, anxiety, caution and feelings or sensations in the body. Many people will have established unhealthy patterns within three weeks of becoming ill or bedridden, so time isn’t necessarily a factor. So many people didn't know what was the matter with them and didn't know why they were experiencing so many awful sensations or crashes. They had been taught to accept it and to learn to live within a confined lifestyle, taking on the sickness role and conforming. 

Once you know what is wrong and how to correct it, then you have the opportunity to make a difference, no matter how long you have had a dysfunctional autonomic system and the sensations that causes. 

 You can choose to take it slowly or, once you discover what is causing your condition and learn the tools, you can be super excited to put everything into practice and improve quickly. It is different for everyone but I do believe it is useful for you to come on board with the live webinars and get support from others, as social networking is such an important part of the journey. Again, it can be very useful if you have been entrenched in patterns, to access one-to-one coaching to take you through the programme or one-to-one coaching, with a somatic embodiment coach, to develop a better relationship with your body, to feel safe in your body and feel safe with the sensations.

Always go to your GP to be given the tests necessary to eliminate any medical cause or physical damage.  Anyone who has been diagnosed with chronic fatigue, “Tired All the Time”, burnout or long Covid, will have had all the diagnostic tests to check for any biomedical imbalance or damage. It is essential that you have all the tests that are recommended. 

When results come back clear, this indicates that there is no disease, medical cause or physical damage. There is a plethora of research showing that overload, or a virus, has reset the body to live in survival mode, pushing through, and eventually collapsing and that chronic fatigue, exhaustion, burn out or an inability to recover from viruses are indicators that our autonomic nervous system is not functioning properly; it is completely normal for humans to override this system and it CAN be corrected. People who experience respiratory or heart symptoms must access support from qualified medical practitioners for these conditions.

The programme itself is an online, self motivated training course and so it does require people to do the work and put the recommendations and exercises into practise. Many people find it sufficient on its own, as they simply needed to know what was wrong with them and to be given the tools to correct the root cause, which they didn’t have before.There are some people who will need additional support with 121 coaching, live meets and webinars or with online teaching in small groups. 

Furthermore, in my experience, if you have experienced trauma in your life, particularly childhood trauma whether emotional/physical/ mental abuse, neglect or abandonment, the programme is necessary but may be necessary but not sufficient on its own. This is why participants can now access support from our in- house coaches who are trained in NLP Re-imprinting and parts work, Timeline Therapy or from our Somatic Embodiment Practitioners, who specialise in trauma. Other therapies will also be offered from hand picked therapists. Once people have dealt with the trauma, they can then engage in the resources fully and effectively. 

All participants on the programme are given a range of free mini series, on vagal exercises,  somatic work and other therapeutic or well being approaches, to further support you and your work to achieve the goals you want.
Currently the live, interactive webinars/ meets are £10 each. The 121 coaching with qualified fatigue coaches and trauma experts is £80 and classes are £10 for individual classes with packages offering discount.

This is completely understandable and a genuine concern to many. However, it is one of the most affordable programmes available, with the extensive worksheets and mini series included. The Reset to Thrive programme was designed to complement my book “ Breaking Free: A Guide to Recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Long Covid Symptoms” so there is a very extensive manual to support the book. I wrote the book specifically for people who felt that they couldn’t afford to buy a programme. I have produced the programme to make the book come alive for you, so you can access extra support, have demonstrations of techniques and exercises and have visual aids to support the book.

Do feel free to purchase the book first, in whatever format suits you. It is available as a paperback from Arkbound Publishers https://arkbound.com/product/breaking-free-by-jan-rothney/ . (Please note, Arkbound are a small charitable publishers who may take a while to deliver but you can check with them on info@arkfound.com).

It is also available as a paperback at Amazon or to order at any bookshop/ online. 

You can also download the Kindle version or the Audible version through Amazon. The advantage of the Kindle is that you can increase the font and the diagrams are in colour. The Audible is great if you find print difficult to read.

I would however say that it is very beneficial to buy the programme, once you have the manual/ the book, because you will benefit from the support, the visual aids, the free mini courses, the worksheets, the online interactive webinars, classes, and 121 coaching, if needed. 

I had a huge problem with paying for treatments, supplements or support when I had M.E/CFS but the day I had an enormous bill from my dentist for having a crown fitted, I realised that for the cost of one crown I could get my whole body better.  I decided to put my money into getting better after I had had a relapse and had got stuck. So many clients have asked friends or family to raise money by doing a coffee morning, boot sale and bingo nights or they set aside a few pounds a week in a jar.  In my book, I say that one of my hardest lessons was knowing I had to put my health and wellbeing first; somehow everything and everyone had had a higher priority than looking after myself. Once I was well and robust, then I could look after others and always value my health and wellbeing. If this is you, be curious how you came to ignore your own well being and decide to do something better because it is a pattern that will get you stuck and make progress much more difficult.