Why is creating a healing environment so important?

Being immersed in disorganised, chaotic spaces can overstimulate our senses, making us feel frustrated, anxious and exhausted.

Extensive research shows that our surroundings have an immense impact on our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. If we're surrounded by clutter, noise, harsh lighting and visual chaos day after day, it forces our body into fight-or-flight mode, keeping us in a constant state of stress. Our sympathetic nervous system goes into overdrive, flooding our body with cortisol and adrenaline. This prevents the parasympathetic nervous system from activating, which is necessary for rest, digestion, cellular repair, hormone balance and healing.

Being immersed in disorganised, chaotic spaces can overstimulate our senses, making us feel frustrated, anxious and exhausted. It contributes significantly to adrenal burnout, depression, brain fog, impaired immunity, and chronic inflammation or pain. Many people spend decades feeling utterly depleted without realising their home or workspace is reinforcing fight-or-flight behaviours that inhibit deep rest.

On the other hand, spending time in natural environments with fresh air, sunlight, plants, natural textures and minimal distractions activates our parasympathetic nervous system, initiating our rest-and-digest state where healing occurs. When we retreat to a sanctuary where our senses feel soothed and nourished, our muscles relax, heart rate and cortisol levels decrease, oxygenation increases and our body can repair itself on a cellular level.

You don't need an expensive home refurbishment or to live beside the sea to create a deeply nourishing environment. Even small, inexpensive changes to your indoor spaces can transform them into relaxing havens that support your Reset to Thrive goals of reducing overwhelm, replenishing your nervous system, facilitating deep restorative sleep and allowing your body to heal.

Here are some simple, impactful ways you can make your home or workspace more calming, soothing and enrichment to aid your recovery:

Declutter ruthlessly. Get rid of excess furniture, papers, kids' toys, electronics, knickknacks, appliances, books, clothes and anything else you don't use or genuinely enjoy. Clutter visually overwhelms our senses, while clearing it is refreshing and liberating. Organisation helps instill a sense of control.

Use natural materials like wood, stone, wicker, linen, wool and living plants to bring organic, cosy textures into your space. They create warmth and serenity.

Bring nature indoors with houseplants, fresh flowers, seashells, rocks, bamboo and natural baskets. Caring for living plants reduces stress and breathing their oxygen purifies indoor air.

Open windows regularly to circulate fresh, energising air. Let sunlight and the sounds of birds filter in. Place a comfortable chair near a window.

Use rugs, curtains, furniture placement and white noise machines to muffle irritating sounds.

Adjust lighting with dimmers, layered lamps and natural light. Use soft bulbs to avoid harsh glare. Candles create a peaceful ambience in the evenings.

Soothe your senses. Play soft music, use essential oil diffusers with calming scents like lavender or eucalyptus, hang a lightly air scent in your car, wrap up in a warm blanket, sip herbal tea and do gentle stretches.

Let colours nourish you. If you are able to, have your walls painted in soothing hues of blue, green, peach, pink or aqua. Use artwork featuring nature, flowers or uplifting affirmations. Choose bedding and towels in restful colours.

Create cosy nooks for relaxing, reading books, journaling, meditating, napping or having long conversations with loved ones. Include pillows, soft throws, plush rugs, fairy lights, and bookshelves.

Carefully arrange furniture to create open spaces that don't feel claustrophobic or cluttered. Clearing clutter and cleaning regularly reinforces a sanctuary vibe.

By thoughtfully designing your home and workspace to nourish your senses, you can transform any environment to feel like a relaxing, healing oasis. This supports the Reset to Thrive goals of reducing overwhelm, easing anxiety, restoring nervous system balance, encouraging deep restorative sleep and allowing your body to renew itself on a cellular level so you can thrive.

Start with small steps and see how refreshed, resilient and happy you feel.